Physician's Saloon

Physician's Saloon

We want to welcome physicians and staff! We would like for you to take a few moments to check out our website. If our services are new to you, we want to say thank you personally. Please feel free to contact us via the telephone or by email and we will be pleased to deliver our brochures and pricing menus to your office.

"Pampering Service"

In our pampering service we will perform a physical assessment, medication administration & review, post-operative care teaching and a specific care instruction at the time of our visit. If the patient needs any other services we will do our best to accommodate them. Also, the nurse who performed the assessment will be available via telephone 24/7 to answer questions and/or concerns for the remainder of the recovery process.

The Benefits for your Practice

  • Minimize after-hours call and unnecessary office visit
  • Our nurses will pamper your client and will promote your practice
  • We will stay in contact with your staff member with patient concerns or changes
  • Maintain patient satisfaction with their surgical experience
  • Patients recover and sleep well after our pampering service

How to take full advantage of our “Pampering Services”

Let Mercy-Link show your patients the true meaning of being pampered whether it is plastic and/or cosmetic surgery, private duty care or companion. We believe that every patient will benefit from our “pampering service.” Clients are informed of all their in-homecare options, these include transportation to and from surgery with no pressure or commitment. Here we believe that working along with you and your staff is essential to both you and the patient. Relationship building is what we call it you and your staff will become accumulated with our nurses who are providing care. We provide “first class services” better known here as our “pampering services.” Why should you or your patients settle for less when we are the best at what we known to do “pamper.”